SaucyBacon 1.0

The contest is now over, so now I have some time to write some infos on my app. I have submitted SaucyBacon for the contest after two days of bug hunting. Thanks to Lucas Romero Di Benedetto I have improved the app appealing with some nice artworks and icons.

All the bugs regarding the saving location and settings not saved properly have been fixed. RecipePage has received a little refactoring thanks to Lucas’ mockup:

I have also added a new About Page.

Unfortunately I did not have enough time to complete the new Database system, so recipes are still saved using u1db backend and, for this reason, recipes can’t be deleted. Due to others u1db bugs, user can’t search through local recipes or filter them by category properly. Sorry about this weird behaviors. These bugs will be fixed anyway, even if the contest is over.

SaucyBacon: c++ backend and online search

The work on the c++ qml plugin has provided some nice tools, such as reading and writing files on the filesystem, which allowed me to write a small settings manager. It is also possible to export your recipes in pdf format by using the “Export” button in the RecipePage. The most relevant feature I have added in the last week has been the online recipe search and recipe download from most of the well-known recipe websites (and more are coming soon). Instruction on how to try my app are provided in the README in the master branch on

Introducing SaucyBacon

It’s been almost a week of development, with more than 20 commits, and I’m here to introduce you SaucyBacon! SaucyBacon is a Ubuntu Touch app that helps you organize and store your recipes with ease. At the moment of writing it supports local storage of recipe, an easy to read recipe view page and editing features. Soon it will have a c++ backend that will fetch recipes online and category filtering. Here’s a link to the git repo where you can find my code.